Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Call to Action

Climate change is already having major effects on the world. In Australia we are already experiencing water shortages and drought for both rural and urban communities, extinction of plant and animal species and the slow death of the great barrier reef. Internationally, floods, droughts and storms are growing stronger, evident in the destruction of New Orleans in cyclone Katrina.

It is generally agreed among scientific bodies that the maximum temperature rise we can handle is 2°. Anything above this will push the earth past 'tipping points' like the melting of polar ice caps and arctic tundra. These events may cause the earth to heat itself further in a vicious cycle to four, five or even ten degrees above 20th century temperatures. That would mean a crisis like none we have ever experienced.

We need to act quickly to cut our GHG emissions and keep the temperature rise below two degrees, yet emissions continue to rise and industry continues to pump GHGs into the atmosphere at alarming rates.

Stand Up For Renewables

Whilst changing our light bulbs and shower-heads, riding bicycles instead of driving and growing veggie gardens are important steps in combating climate change, alone they will not solve the problem.

Economic forums like APEC continue to push polluting and dirty Coal and Nuclear industries at the expense of clean, renewable technologies like Wind, Solar and Geothermal.

The Australian government has one of the worst climate change records in the world, yet they continue to obstruct real international agreements like Kyoto and ignore local initiatives.

Our government and corporations are happy to perpetuate the myth that only a change in the habits of individuals will bring meaningful reductions in emissions, while big industry continues to pollute unhindered at ever-increasing levels for ever-increasing profits.

We need real action on climate change to highlight these issues. Our protests are direct and act to raise awareness of the impact the coal industry has on climate change and promote renewable technologies and an environmentally sustainable society.


FuckTheGreenies said...

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She's got a voice like a bandsaw. Even a total idiot like Nick McCallum on 3AW can completely confuse her.

Holly said...

wow, what a vile post. sexist and racist!

I heard the ABC interview Michaela did, and thought it was challenging, and the interview questions ridiculous at times - Interviewer arguing that Howard and leaders ARE taking real action on climate change, and that they are doing all they can!

the link is here:

Early August, Greenpeace leaked the draft outline of the APEC leaders' declaration on climate change, energy security and clean development. Greenpeace said the document was prepared by the Australian Government and faxed from an Australian Embassy to other APEC countries.

The leaked draft indicated support for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as means of undermining the Kyoto Protocol, and proposing a "long-term aspirational global emission reduction goal" that specifically excluded targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and would not be legally binding or enforceable.

Hardly "real action on climate change".